314: It’s Just Good

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A few quick announcements: MomCult is returning for Season 2 soon! Go subscribe to that. The latest episode of Devalued is very good; go listen to that. Lucy’s Record Shop is having a 30th anniversary celebration this coming week and you should participate! Come out to the Belcourt on Sept 12th for a screening of Lucy Barks! and live podcast recording – tickets here. Come out on Sunday, Sept 18th to DRKMTTR for a massive show with old bands, reformed bands and contemporary bands alike; an all day affair. Tickets for that are here.

This episode of WOTT Music is short, sweet, quick, dirty and wonderfully entertaining. Honestly, it’s just good.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

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Six One Tribe

Forget Cassettes
“Quiero Quieres”

Volunteer Department
“Make It Easy”

Yours Truly Jai & Gretchen

“Watch Me Fall”


“Universe is Crumbly”

Real Humans
“Body Count”

Venus And The Flytraps
“Happy to be Here”

Jive Talk
“U in Mind”

Sean Thompsons Weird Ears
“Instrumental Health”

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