300: Community Makes It Go

Every week I strive to put together a playlist of music by Nashville artists that confirms that Nashville is more than country music, more than Music Row, more than singer-songwriters, more than downtown honky tonks and every episode I get confirmation that, yes, absolutely, Nashville music is way more than all of those things. There’s an undeniably rich tapestry of music across every genre imaginable and I absolutely love sharing it here on the show.

For the 300th episode I wanted to do something special. I kept coming back to the idea of the Nashville community and how there’s no single piece of the puzzle that makes Nashville’s music scene so great. Yes, there are a mesmerizing amount of local bands all making fantastic songs but their efforts are augmented by local record stores, local labels, local writers, local DJs, local producers, local promoters, local artists supporting other artists! There’s a giant swirl of *community* helping one another, propping each other up. We Own This Town strives to be a part of that giant mechanism but it doesn’t work without everyone’s absolutely dedicated involvement.

So, for Episode 300 I reached out to some of the community and asked them to pick one of their favorite local tracks. It could be one of their all-time favorites, one of their recent favorites – I left that up to them to decide – just pick a favorite. The results are wonderfully varied, exactly what you’d hope for. You’ve heard many of these tracks on the show before but many of them are brand new to the show as well; just more evidence at exactly how amazing our local scene is.

Find more music from each of our artists linked below and be sure to follow Patrick Rodgers, *repeat repeat, Negro Justice, Caroline Bowman, Six One Tribe, Olivia Ladd, Taylor Cole, Lance Conzett, Larissa Maestro, Wes Davenport of No Country for New Nashville, Villin dot net, Rebecca Delius from Memento Stori, Mary Mancini from Lucy’s Record Shop, Megan Seling from Snack and Destroy, Kathryn Edwards, The Groove Records, Leanne Merritt, Vinyl Tap and maybe even yours truly, Michael Eades for more updates.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

“Blue in the Blacklight”


Cody Cody Cody
“Devil Be Up”

Alanna Royale
“Fall in Love Again”

Namir Blade

Emily Blue
“See U In My Dreams”


Casa Castile
“Haunted Ecstasy”

“Parade of Youth”

Jules Paymer
“Fuck My Exes”

Kaby With Brian Brown

The Mattoid
“Party Time”

Fun Girls From Mt Pilot
“Hold a Grudge”

Be Your Own Pet
“Super Soaked”

“A Killing Joke”

“Fried Bologna”

“Dream Within a Dream”

Penicillin Baby
“Working Man”

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