294: The Broken Social Scene of Wedgewood-Houston

On this episode, we lean hard into the offering of eclectic varieties. Get ready for about an hour of hip-hop, indie rock, dance, electronic, space country, 60’s pop, introspective musings and a dash of instrumental soul. Seriously, this episode makes good on all of that and then some!

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

AC Noel
“Say Less”

“How It Goes”

Dee $ouf With Brian Brown
“All Year Round”

Sean Thompsons Weird Ears
“Curse The Conscience”

Shane Perry
“Natures Perfect Pair”

We The Vermin
“Dirty Barn Animal”

Molly Martin
“What You Need”

Les Ailes
“Beside Myself”

“Know Better”

“Wait For You”

Wally Clark
“Love is Real”

Sitcom Moments

Justin Shawn Hobbs
“Falling Apart”

Nimbo And The Space Cadet

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