286: Pouring Fuel on the Fire of New Things

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For this episode of the show, we decided to stretch our selections out a little bit. We’re still showcasing a lot of great new music but a lot of these genres and styles don’t always get as much coverage as we normally give. That said, there’s also some familiar names in this playlist so it’s a little slice of comfort and a little slice of something new. It’s an excellent balance if we do say so ourselves.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Big If True
“Over the Counter”

Bad Bad Cats
“La La La La La”


Brian Brown
“Lovely Day (RIP Bill Withers)” ft. Ryanne

B Stokes
“You Gotta Ask” feat. FU Stan

“Chasin It”

Kentucky Derby Con Man
“Concrete / Forest”

Interest Relief
“Dracula’s Crushing Weight”

“4am in Wyoming”

“Cuban Generals”

John McNally
“Innocent Girl”

The Minks

The Mad Gear
“F-Zero // Intro | Port Town | Mute City”


“On Target”

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