282: Correcting a Glitching Brain

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This week we’ve got another eclectic roundup of new releases from a variety of genres; several of which we culled from other sites doing similar things to We Own This Town. Big shout out to No Country for New Nashville and Nashville Indie for the exposure that they are bringing to the table.. go give them a follow while you listen along!

Be sure to click through on the links below and be sure to follow Bully, Kristen Ford, Baerd, Negro Justice, Classic Williams, R.A.P. Ferreira, The Welters, Lobby Language, Louis Prince, Safari Room, ELEL, Madeline Jaina and Candace in Wonderland for more updates!

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

“Just For Love”

Kristen Ford
“Grey Sky Blue”

“Holy Dancers”

Negro Justice
“Dutch Master’s Thesis”

Classic Williams
“Vibe Check”

RAP Ferreira
“East Nashville”

The Welters
“Silk Cut”

Lobby Language
“The Enemy”

Louis Prince
“Stein $200”

Safari Room
“Best of Me”


Candace In Wonderland
“Connect the Dots…”

Madeline Jaina
“Counting Sheep”

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