255: Summer Break Starts Now

We’re calling this one a Mega episode! Though, honestly, it’s just one more track than what we normally play so that’s probably a bit of a misnomer. Regardless, it’s a jam packed episode of tracks and the playlists are refreshing.

This episode also marks the start of We Own This Town Summer Break. We’re going to be a bit quieter over the next two weeks but we’ve got some special guest curated episodes all lined up. So, things will be quiet but not that quiet. Keep your ears tuned in.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. That said, go follow Daisha McBride, Amy Darling, Eve Maret, MNTN, Corri, Da Real A1yo, Anchor Thieves, BROKE, Topo Bandido, Hurts to Laugh, Sour Ops, Burd Party, Bleaux, Dee $ouf, Intro and faster is faster.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Daisha McBride
“Do What I Want”

Amy Darling
“Nasty Habits”

Eve Maret
“Feel Your Way”


“Fairy Flow”

Da Real A1yo
“Royal Rumble 97”

Anchor Thieves
“The Weekend”


Topo Bandido
“No 3”

Hurts To Laugh
“You Know Love”

Sour Ops

Burd Party
“Shot Through Your Window”

“Magic Carpet”

Dee Souf
“Nosy Fella”

“Third Party”

Faster Is Faster
“Taurus Meditation”

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