249: Poolside Kraftwerk Rave

This episode of the show is another varietal playlist of new releases and tracks that have caught our ear. You may be hearing loads of new local tracks over on WNXP and on the Nashville Scene and other blogs like No Country For New Nashville but I promise there’s enough to go around. It’s really magical how much great music there is in Nashville.

We also recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. So, follow Love Montage, Full Mood, Notelle, Pretty Shy, Tripleplay Squeek, Billy Jumpmane, L.Z.R., Jeff the Brotherhood, DD Island, Doug Hoekstra, Wayne Mosh, Sam Silva, Houston Kendrick, Imaginary Baseball League and Flesh Eater.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Love Montage
“no matter where i go”

Full Mood
“Beats Me”

“Sufjan Stevens”

Pretty Shy
“Gettin Ratchet”

Tripleplay Squeek

Billy Jumpmane

“Fever Dream”

Jeff The Brotherhood
“Garbage Man”

DD Island

Doug Hoekstra
“Seaside Town”

Wayne Mosh
“Ostrich Colors Eastern”

Sam Silva
“Waltz of The Flowers”

Houston Kendrick
“Good Evening Tennessee”

Imaginary Baseball League
“Partners in Time”

Flesh Eater

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