237: Filling a Snowpocalypse Sized Hole

The recent Nashville snowpacalypse set us back a week and we couldn’t be more anxious to get all this great new local music out into the world. We slide right in to a full playlist of diverse new offerings spanning all sorts of genres; it’s our bread and butter!

As always, there’s more music from every artist on this show to be enjoyed so be sure to follow The Feature (Eve Maret & Adrienne Franke), Lydia Luce, Styrofoam Winos, $avvy, The BlackSon, Pink Sweat$, Casters, The Ragcoats, Soviet Shiska, Enki, Satorian, Dominic Billet and faster is faster directly for updates on their latest projects.

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The Feature
“Space Freeway”

Lydia Luce
“Dark River”

Styrofoam Winos

“Shameless Feat Chuck Indigo”

The BlackSon
“Uncle Fester”

Pink Sweat$
“Pink Money”

“Pearl Diving”

The Ragcoats
“I Need Your Love”

Soviet Shiksa

“Gravel Bar”

“Downside up”

Dominic Billett
“Theme I, The Squirrel”

Faster Is Faster
“Bass Choir in E”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover Image: $avvy.

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