228: Take Heed

Heaven Honey

We’re postponing our Christmas episode just one more week so we can partake in one more wild rundown of diverse styles through a myriad of new and new-to-us local releases.

Check the playlist links below for more music and follow Trash Man, Heaven Honey, Keeps, Spodee Boy, Aaron™, Dee $ouf, The Cosmic Collective, Jody, Mariyo Deon, Case Arnold, Dom Marcoaldi, Palm Ghosts, Stacian, Circuit Circuit and In Place for updates direct from the artists.

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Trash Man
“Never be Good Enough”

Heaven Honey

“Sold My Soul To the Sound”

Spodee Boy
“Rides Again”

“Not Now”

Dee $ouf
“The Garden”

Cosmic Collective
“nothing ever seems as it is”


Mariyo Deon
“Watchin’ (feat Gee Slab)”

Case Arnold
“Light Years (feat Malcolm Voltaire)”

Dom Marcoaldi
“Forever and a While”

Palm Ghosts
“Static Swell”


Circuit Circuit
“Words of Mouth”

In Place
“Useless Tower”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover image: Heaven Honey

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