220: A Lifetime of Spelling Things Weird on the Internet

A larger-than-average episode jam packed with a ton of local music. Lots of great new tracks were left on the cutting room floor for now but it’s the best problem to have; far too much music to fit into one episode.

As a general Public Service Announcement; please remember to vote! In Tennessee, early voting has begun and you’ve got until Oct 29th to get your early vote in. If you’re having trouble figuring out who to vote for locally, download the free ballot guide at pleasevotenashville.org.

Furthermore, if you’re reading this before Oct 20th, 2020; tune in on Tues, Oct 20th to the Musicians for Marquita Bradshaw telethon. I believe it will be streaming over on the Third Man YouTube channel. Read more about that here.

Be sure to click through on the releases below for more music and follow and The Kernal, Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection, Ron Obasi, Anchor Thieves, Yon Ort, Sweet Poison, Becca Mancari, Kaby, DE3RA, Qualls, Veinmelter and I Could Live In Hope for updates direct from the artists.

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The Kernal
“U Do U”

Spencer Cullums Coin Collection
“Jack of Fools”

Ron Obasi
“Tribe Talk”

Anchor Thieves

Yon Ort
“Don’t Delay”

Sweet Poison
“New Energy” + New Energy EP

Becca Mancari
“Lonely Boy Shura Remix”


“One Armed Man”

“Dolla and a Grip”

“All the Waves”

“I Could Live in Hope”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Qualls.

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