188: Absolute Resilience

I don’t think there would be any appropriate way to start off this show other than acknowledging the events of last week – a massive Tornado hit the city on Tuesday night, incurring widespread damage to neighborhoods and businesses in North Nashville, East Nashville, Germantown, Donelson and many neighboring counties. For those of us that live in Nashville, the past week has been a non-stop reminder of the damage that was done. Homes were demolished, businesses shuttered and lives lost. If you live here, I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.

As news pours in about the neighborhoods impacted, Nashville has jumped into action. Massive outpourings of volunteer work, charitable contributions both monetary and otherwise are delivered in massive amounts and everyone is chipping in. That said, there are still huge numbers of people in real need.

As we come down from the initial adrenaline rush of help, it’s important to remember that this will be a long haul. If you can, donate to Gideon’s Army and Open Table Nashville. Volunteer yourself with Hands on Nashville. Keep aware of fundraisers for service industry workers and others in need. Even $5 matters.

We picked out some music for this week but we’re not back to Business As Usual™ quite yet. These songs remind me of Nashville and give me a feeling of melancholy and a bit of optimism. We’ll return to regularly scheduled programming soon enough but, for now, please continue to donate and help rebuild.

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The Features
“Some Way, Some How”

Tower Defense

“Trouble Won’t Always Last”

Jordan Lehning
“Haven’t You Heard the News”

The Feminine Complex
“I Won’t Run”

Little Bandit

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: NASHVILLE.

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