178: A Dumb Dumb Chats About Generative AI

Believe it or not, this is the fifty-second episode of WOTT Music for the year. That’s one episode for every single week of the year featuring between six to eight songs from the Nashville area. We’re proud of the showcase we’ve built here and even prouder to report that compiling the music each week gets easier and easier as Nashville is a veritable landslide of diverse new music. Thank you for listening and thank you to all the bands that continue to make our city so much more than the pigeonholed stereotype the world thinks it is.

For our final episode of the year we manage to play a sexy new one from Snake Cheney, a peppy diddy from the Los Colognes vault, an unearthed gem from the R. Stevie Moore archives courtesy of To-Go Records, a beautifully contemplative ambient piece from NGC 4414, a generated selection from Sugar Skulls (or is it?) and a stunning composition from Larissa Maestro courtesy of Nashville Chamber Music. In terms of exemplary episodes that embody the greatness our city offers, this is an excellent one if we do say so ourselves.

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Snake Cheney – “Penny”

Los Colognes – “Now That You’re Gone”

R Stevie Moore – “Advertising Agency of F King”

NGC 4414 – “Abstractions”

Sugar Skulls – “Pearls Like Sand”

Larissa Maestro – “Echo + Hera”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Nashville Chamber Music.

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