173: UFO’s and Other Heavy Subjects

We’re approaching the time of year for Best Of Lists and Christmas Compilations but we’re not quite there yet. So, we put together a jam-packed episode of new and notable local music for you to enjoy.

Herein are nine songs across a delightful bounty of genres courtesy of Stereo Specter, Slush, Grumpy, Palm Ghosts, Future Crib, Shoe, Ryoki Center, Limp Disco and Clementoon. Seriously, there’s head bopping pop/rock, optimistic melancholy jams, dark and sinister vibes and plenty in-between. If you don’t find something you enjoy, that’s on you; cause we got it all. Enjoy!

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Stereo Specter – “Missing Time”

Slush – “Burnt”

Grumpy – “Space Cadet”

Palm Ghosts – “The Bells”

Future Crib – “Chicken Soup”

Shoe – “Settle”

Ryoki Center – “Enthused”

Limp Disco – “Dirt Nap”

Clementoon – “Slunj”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Grumpy.

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