133: Dark Vibes, Psychedelia and The Inexplicable

A wonderful problem happened this week, there was so much music to pick from that it was overwhelming to slim it down to just the eight featured here. Lots of great new records featured from Adia Victoria, Blackcat Sylvester, Faux Ferocious and Z mixed in with some overlooked goods from Peppermint Boys, Peter, Time Clox and Obazi.

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Adia Victoria – “Pacolet Road”

Blackcat Sylvester – “Horse with Lo Mein”

Faux Ferocious – “Price of Progress”

Z – “Paper Rad”

Peppermint Boys – “IO”

Time Clox – “Not Enough”

Peter – “Feared and Weird”

Obazi – “Tame the Beast”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Adia Victoria

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