6: Tennessee and Truman

In Episode Six, Vidalotry explores Gore Vidal’s relationship with two gay authors; one friendly, the other contentious. Host Ryan Breegle looks at Gore’s adventures with Tennessee Williams and their involvement in a film featuring lobotomies and cannibalism. And he examines Gore’s detest for Truman Capote, culminating in lies and lawsuits.

Palimpsest: A Memoir, Gore Vidal, 1995
Empire Of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal, Jay Parini, 2015

60 Minutes, CBS, 1975
The Dick Cavett Show, 1978
Profile of a Writer, 1978
Omnibus, BBC, 1995
The Celluloid Closet, 1995
The Tim Haigh Show, 1995
An Appreciation, PBS, 1998
Theater Talk, 2000
Interview with Jay Parini, 2006

Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Vidalotry: A Gore Vidal Podcast
Ryan Breegle / We Own This Town

Taking a look at the wit and wisdom of Gore Vidal in his own words, from Ryan Breegle.