Inaugural Neighborhood Dive Bar Tour

PART ONE of a multi-part series that we plan to revisit from time to time: the best of Neighborhood Bars (also known as “Dive Bars” – if you’re feeling a bit derogatory).

In part one, hosts Matt and Mickey bring producer Michael Eades along to visit neighborhood bars in the often neglected South Nashville and Woodbine area. Five bars were selected to judge against one another to discover out which would emerge triumphant (in our opinion).

Selections include The Batter’s Box Bar & Grill, Melrose Billiards, Rosie’s Twin Kegs, Santa’s Pub and Tin Dog Tavern; all judged against the same criteria of Lighting, Smoke Levels, Cleanliness and Attraction to Locals. Ultimately, a clear winner is selected for the next round but every location came with plenty of enjoyable merit.

This is the Place
This is the Place
Mickey Parks / Matt Meeks / We Own This Town

Exploring the ever growing, and shrinking, bar and restaurant scene in Nashville, TN.

If you have suggestions for spots to check out, please reach out to @thisisthaplace on Twitter or Instagram.

Intro Music by Uncle Skeleton, Outro Music by Jay Leo Phillips.