Bastion: Upholding Particular Principles

Matt indulges in a CBD Donut from East Park but that doesn’t stop our opinionated hosts from divulging in an argument over what restaurant signage signals to a potential customer.

We get an update on guest Jeremiah Blake, a revisit to Slowhand thanks to their nostalgic wood burning stove and Matt daydreams about Lester, his fictional favorite cat from the forthcoming Catio Coffee Shop.

From there, Mickey and Matt guide us through the full dining experience at Bastion, the Strategic Hospitality restaurant and bar tucked away in Wedgewood Houston.

This is the Place
This is the Place
Mickey Parks / Matt Meeks / We Own This Town

Exploring the ever growing, and shrinking, bar and restaurant scene in Nashville, TN.

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Intro Music by Uncle Skeleton, Outro Music by Jay Leo Phillips.