Dive Bar Tour, Round Three

As promised, every five episodes of This Is The Place will be dedicated to pursuing the hunt of Nashville’s Greatest Dive Bar. Back in Episode 10, a selection of dives in South Nashville was pursued and saw Tin Dog Tavern emerge the winner. In Episode 15, the East side was hit up and determined Fran’s to be the dive of dives. Now, with Episode 20, we head West.

Host Matt Meeks is joined by We Own This Town proprietor Michael Eades and Charlotte corridor resident expert Paul Hinman to form some opinions on their four candidates. Over the course of the night, a standardized scorecard was used to test The Villager Tavern, The Centennial, The Nations Bar Grill and Betty’s Bar & Grill against our predetermined criteria.

Apologies to Springwater and Brown’s Diner, two very fine Dive Bar-esque environments that were excluded from this round for not being primarily bars.

If you have suggestions for spots to check out, please reach out to @thisisthaplace on Twitter or Instagram.

This is the Place
This is the Place
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