The Nashville Hotel Boom

After a brief discussion on the raging battle for Nashville’s Greatest Nachos, Mickey shines a light on the all-too-neglected hotel scene. He covers long standing establishments like Union Station, Loews and The Hermitage and their great efforts to update their experiences to marry the modern with the historic, making them spots to consider re-visiting. He also exhaustively covers new entries in the hotel scene – such as the Omni, Noelle, The Bobby, The Dream, Fairlane, Ellington’s and Van Dyke – to prove that Nashville hotels have a lot more to offer than just a place to sleep.

If you have suggestions for spots to check out, please reach out to @thisisthaplace on Twitter or Instagram.

This is the Place
This is the Place
Mickey Parks / Matt Meeks / We Own This Town

Exploring the ever growing, and shrinking, bar and restaurant scene in Nashville, TN.

Intro Music by Uncle Skeleton, Outro Music by Jay Leo Phillips.