A Glossary of Flavors (with Jeremiah Blake)

Mickey and Matt welcome their first guest to the show for a rousing interview about a myriad of topics. Jeremiah Blake, the man behind The Green Hour pop-up bar in Germantown, discusses the restaurant scene in Nashville, good bar etiquette and enlightens our host on how the production of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld helped Four Roses get back into the limelight.

Mickey comes clean about a troubling burger binge that includes Hugh Baby, Butcher and Bee, Brown’s Diner, Husk, Maker Ready, Tavern and 404 Kitchen.

Some excitement around openings and closings, including Humphrey’s Street Coffee, Stay Golden, BlockHouse, Folk and the forthcoming Jackalope Brewery.*

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* Forthcoming apology for referencing the Wedgewood Houston area as “Fort Houston.”

Intro Music by Uncle Skeleton, Outro Music by Jay Leo Phillips.