5: A Brioche Flashback to your Childhood

In an episode clocking in under 30 minutes, Matt and Mickey cover a lot of ground. The duo feels forced into apologizing for calling Wedgewood-Houston “Fort Houston” in a previous episode but quickly recover when Matt shares his perfect combination of Jackalope beer and Yazoo Beer Cheese at Village Pub. He also provides an educational rundown on exactly what the International Bitterness Unit (IBU) of beer signifies. Spoiler alert; it’s the bitterness of the beer.

Mickey shares his love for newcomers East Park Donuts and Coffee, Americano Coffee Lounge and Peninsula. Everyone looks forward to the opening of Mop/Broom.

This is the Place
This is the Place
Mickey Parks / Matt Meeks / We Own This Town

Exploring the ever growing, and shrinking, bar and restaurant scene in Nashville, TN.

Intro Music by Uncle Skeleton, Outro Music by Jay Leo Phillips.