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Time Has Told (with Noel Murray)

The guys chat with pop culture writer and film critic Noel Murray about the critical reception of Excellent Adventure, time travel in Avengers: Endgame, and also get some [...]
Posted: Wed June 5, 2019
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Bill & Ted Day

Jason and Kelly invite you to Vinyl Tap here in Nashville to celebrate Bill & Ted Day, June 9th, 2019.
Posted: Wed May 29, 2019

Season 2 Preview and Bill & Ted Day Announcement

The guys discuss the official announcement of Bill & Ted Face the Music, preview Season 2 of San Dimas Today, and announce an excellent Bill & Ted Day Celebration at Vinyl Tap [...]
Posted: Fri April 5, 2019

Bill and Ted 30 Years Later

In the Season One finale, the guys look at the critical reanalysis of the first Bill & Ted movie that occurred in the wake of the film's thirtieth anniversary, mess up some [...]
Posted: Wed March 6, 2019

Bill & Ted & Milk & Cheese with Evan Dorkin

Multiple Eisner award winner Evan Dorkin discusses his work on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Comic Book, his career as a comic creator and his thoughts for how he would end the Bill [...]
Posted: Wed February 20, 2019

The Expectation of Excellence

To celebrate their 10th episode, Jason and Kelly are joined by Mike Shepherd (Tower Defense) and Cody Newman (New Man) to discuss how Wyld Stallyns would work as a band, time [...]
Posted: Wed February 6, 2019

Jason and Kelly Face the Music

The guys review what is currently known about Bill & Ted 3, discuss what makes a good sequel or trilogy, and geek out over a cool Bill & Ted gift.
Posted: Wed January 23, 2019

Coming Clean for the Holidays

Jason and Kelly air their grievances with themselves and each other. Later they discuss the short-lived Bill and Ted animated series.
Posted: Wed December 12, 2018

Joanna? Elizabeth? Joanna?

In this episode, the guys kick things off by discussing a few aspects of the Bill & Ted Universe that haven't aged so well. After the airing of grievances, they partake in a [...]
Posted: Wed November 28, 2018

Those Who Can Shred

Jason and Kelly interview Oscar-Nominated Composer David Newman and discuss his career and involvement with both films. Also, the guys go over listener feedback and discuss [...]
Posted: Wed November 14, 2018

Deacon Logan, Drug Kingpin

It’s Halloween, Dudes! In honor of the holiday, the guys discuss Bill & Ted’s worst fears and some fears of their own. They also delve into the much darker [...]
Posted: Wed October 31, 2018

Napoleon’s View from Waterloo

Jason and Kelly talk with special guest Terry "Napoleon" Camilleri. Also, the guys discuss the personages of historical significance, the actors who portrayed them, and [...]
Posted: Wed October 17, 2018
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