When Mother Teresa Came to Nashville: The NunBun Remembered

Hey, do you remember when it felt like people were seeing religious figures in every day items like—all the time? There’s Mary on toast. There’s Jesus in a pan of bacon. Well back in the 90s a customer at Bongo Java—a Nashville coffee house—spotted an image of Mother Teresa on a bun and it kicked off a decade of wild shenanigans. There’s action, there’s a robbery, there’s fame, there’s threats of legal action. This was a big deal, friends, and it all happened right here in Nashville.

Oh, in this episode I mention all of the great performances I saw at Americanafest. You probably already know these artists, dear listener, but some of the greatest performances I saw came by way of the following folks (and I know, I know, I know I am definitely missing some):

Nicole Atkins
Lilly Hiatt
Anthony da Costa
Caitlin Rose
Rachel Baiman
Maya De Vitry
The Rad Trads
Ordinary Elephant
JP Harris
Miss Tess
Lula Wiles

As a matter of fact, I made a playlist that you’re welcome to dive into!

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