Robert Altman’s Nashville [and 9 other Nashville movies you must see]

Today’s guest is film critic Jason Shawhan. Jason works at the legendary Belcourt theater and he writes for Nashville Scene. Jason tells us everything there is to be known about Nashville, and he goes on to tell us the 9 must-see Nashville films for any Nashville and/or film enthusiast.

If you are a regular listener of Nashville Demystified, you know that the conceit is one where I talk with a new Nashvillian about something that interests them—or something they’ve noticed about the city, I guess—and then I find a long time Nashvillian who is presumably an expert on that angle and I talk with them about the same thing.

Today I’ve cheated and selected myself as this week’s New Nashvillian because Robert Altman’s Nashville is my absolute favorite.

Top 10 Films About Nashville from Jason Shawhan:

Trash Humpers
The Thing Called Love
The Trouble With Gerald
The Dead Center (unreleased)
Musica Campesina
Make Out with Violence
Nashville Girl

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