Music City Tales From the 1980s: Prologue: Last Ticket to Bonertown

This is the first of a ten episode miniseries about Nashville in the 1980s.

Let’s get to know Music City city as it was in Reagan’s decade, and understand how the hell it got to this place.

It won’t be all politics. We’ll get to know Sheriff Fate Thomas and Mayor Bill Boner a bit better — and Boner’s predecessor, Richard Fulton. We’ll hang out at malls and go to Opryland, and spend time at the Bluebird. We’ll try to understand homelessness, and race and bussing and the music industry and why Broadway was less of a destination for bachelorette parties than it is today. We’ll talk with some of the folks who were there. It will be an incomplete picture, and it will very much be a work in progress. I’ll try like hell to be as accurate as I can be, I want to understand the decade of my birth in music city, and I’ll be honored if you come along or that ride.

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