Shots! Boat Drinks and Daiquiri’s with Jessica Backhus

For a “Summer of Shots” Spectacular, Mike is joined by cocktail correspondent Jessica Backhus, who’s opening the Longboard, a new beachside bar in Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. Jess joins the program to talk about the various frozen drinks and exotic flavors she’ll be working with at her new gig. The crew deep dive on daiquiri variations like the Hemingway, Hotel Nacional and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Mike shares some cocktail anecdotes of his time sipping drinks in Cuba, and how you can make Cuban-style drinks at home. Then they breakdown the disparate parts of the Miami Vice drink, before drifting down to the Virgin Islands to discuss the almighty Painkiller. Recipes abound!

Order Mike’s new book Barantined: Recipes, Tips, and Stories To Enjoy At Home; stories from a range of bartenders and sommeliers on how they survived the pandemic and how you can upgrade your home bar setup.

You can also see Mike talk about the new book on August 7th at Honeytree Meadery as part of “National Mead Day” over at 918 Woodland St on the East side.

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Music by Upright T-Rex Music.
Logo by Jess Machen. Mojito photos from Delicious Table.

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