Lisa Donovan: Our Lady of Perpetual Prose

For their first in-studio interview since February 2020, Mike and Kenneth are joined by award-winning writer, pastry chef, and buttermilk advocate Lisa Donovan. In a wide-ranging discussion, Lisa discusses her process for writing, her passion for restaurants, and her love of buttermilk. Also discussed: the emerging dining scene in early 2000’s Nashville, the power of ingredients in baking, and true to the show, her favorite booze to use while cooking.

This interview was conducted before Donovan was one of three writers recently awarded the 2021 M.F.K. Fisher Prize from Les Dames d’Escoffier International, recognizing excellence in print, broadcast and digital content that broadens peoples’ understanding of the intersection of food and culture. Mike and Lisa share a love of Fisher’s work and discuss her influence at length.

Booze News makes a triumphant return to the studio as Kenneth discusses everything from Nicolas Cage in Las Vegas, stealing beer from Nancy Pelosi, to how golden raisins and gin just might make you live longer.

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