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Nashville Selections for #BandcampFriday, May 2021

We mentioned this last month but according to the official schedule, today is the last Bandcamp Friday. If you aren’t familiar, Bandcamp Friday is a day in which the music service waives their revenue fees and gives 100% of profits to the artists. They started this as a means of giving back to artists […]

Nashville Selections for #BandcampFriday, April 2021

According to the official schedule, today is Bandcamp Friday – a day in which the music service waives their revenue fees and gives 100% of profits to the artists. This was started during the pandemic as a means of giving back but has grown into a regular celebration of independent music. According to the […]

Nashville Selections for #BandcampFriday, March 2021

Whenever Bandcamp holds their monthly Bandcamp Friday event (waiving all their platforms fees so 100% of proceeds go to the artists), we compile a list of notable releases from the Nashville area that would be worth spending your money on. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means but it’s a place to start. If you […]

Selections from Nashville’s #BandcampFriday

If it’s not clear yet, we are huge fans of Bandcamp. It’s a music streaming platform designed from the ground up to actually assist in the turbulent task of making money as an artist. As we’ve noted many times before, streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music definitely have their role in exposing an artist […]

214: In Praise of Bandcamp

After a brief pounding of the pulpit in praise of Bandcamp, we dive into a massive playlist of new local music. Some might even say a little too much music but when there’s this much to share, why wait to share it? Be sure to click through on the releases below for more music and […]

Some Things to Buy on Bandcamp

We are huge fans of Bandcamp, as you might have been able to tell from the fact that every single music review on the site points to their embeds rather than a streaming service. The reason for this is because their entire business model is built on empowering artists of any size. Anyone can setup […]

Bandcamp covers Nashville DIY Electronic Scene

Bandcamp, our favorite site for discovering Nashville music and for distributing music directly to fans, recently featured the Nashville DIY Electronic Scene with a rather lengthy article covering a handful of bands from the DIY Electronic and Underground scenes. Aside from WOTT favorites R. Stevie Moore and bleary, they also give plenty of press to […]

Browsing Bandcamp

Whenever I’m looking to put together a new WOTT podcast I usually cruise around Bandcamp through anything tagged “Nashville”. Most of the time I encounter a whole lot of terrible singer-songwriters, some underwhelming hip-hop, pop-punk (nuff said), metal that I don’t know how to judge if it’s good or bad and then some actual worthwhile […]