Nashville Bandcamp: October 2022

It’s Bandcamp Friday! If you’re somehow not aware, Bandcamp is a service where artists can post their creations and sell them directly to fans. It’s sort of like the old iTunes Music store but anyone can use it and the fees for every transaction are much more reasonable. On Bandcamp Friday, the service waives their fees and gives 100% of proceeds to the artists. This started during the pandemic as a way to give back and has grown into a monthly celebration opportunity to give a little something back.

In 2022, it may seem a little bizarre to purchase music because everyone streams their music! What you should keep in mind is that almost no one makes enough money from streaming to sustain themselves. Additionally, it costs money to post your music to the streaming services; a fee that usually has to be re-upped every year to keep the music available. Posting music to Bandcamp costs nothing and, today, requires no revenue share for the artists. You may have zero interest in owning MP3’s (fair enough) but maybe you can find it in your heart to support some musicians that you love what they’re doing and likely won’t be seeing them play live anytime soon.

Every Bandcamp Friday we post about some selections over on Twitter that are worthy of your dollars. It’s not a holistic list by any means but it’s a place to start. We’ll embed the list below as well, be sure to scroll through that and enjoy!