Nashville Bandcamp: November 2022

It’s Bandcamp Friday! For every month that the music distribution service waives their fees and gives all proceeds to artists, we compile a list of potentially worthwhile releases on the service to check out. We’ve been doing this for quite awhile, so feel free to go back into the archives and peruse previous lists.

Without overly explaining the entire concept of why Bandcamp is a better service for artists, we’ll just drop a reminder here that streaming services pay an absolute pittance to the artists that make the music. Embracing Bandcamp is a way to give back to the creative folks that make so much great music that you enjoy. Sure, it’s 2022 and you may not want to own any actual MP3’s anymore but maybe take a quick beat to consider what $5-$10 would mean to a musician that has, thus far, received fractions of a penny from all the streaming services combined. Spoiler alert: it would mean a lot and likely inspire them to continue making more great music. Win win!

As usual, we’ll post about some selections over on Twitter that are worthy of your dollars. It’s not a holistic list by any means but it’s a place to start. We’ll embed the list below as well, be sure to scroll through that and enjoy!