Zeke & Ross – A Very Omnichord Christmas

When compiling our 2019 Holiday Extravaganza Special episode for the WOTT Music podcast, we stumbled upon a perplexing and massive collection of songs called A Very Omnichord Christmas Remastered, Vol I-IV by Zeke & Ross featuring Dennis McCarke. The album contains 67 tracks of Christmas classics, originals and lengthy instrumental breaks all performed with a drunken cheeriness and Omnichord accompaniment.

For the unfamiliar, the Omnichord is vintage electronic instrument (if you count 1981 as vintage) with a very distinct sound and manner of playing. If you’re in the market for one, there’s an endeavor in town called Nashville Omnichord Supply Co that posits itself as a non-serious undertaking that, quite seriously, repairs and sells actual Omnichords. Said undertaking is the brainchild of Ross Collier; of the eponymous Zeke & Ross.

Releasing four volumes of Christmas music, totaling four hours of listening time, could easily result in a total mess. In unearthing the mystery behind this massive tome, it became clear that the aforementioned “non-serious” aspect of it all is key to enjoying the release. This isn’t meant to pique your interest with its overly slick production, this is aimed directly at the part of you that finds enjoyment in unbridled, well-natured, fun. It’s never sloppy, never poorly performed and never lacking in a knowing grin. It’s the perfect trigger for unwinding during the holiday season. Dip your toes in with an instrumental break, a familiar cover or a delightful classic.