YEAH – 2018 Holiday Mixtape

At the tail end of 2018 (Dec 21st to be exact), the Yeah Empowerment through Arts and Humanity organization released this 2018 Holiday Mixtape, a compilation of local artists doing original holiday songs. It’s unfortunate that it was released so late in the year because I think it was largely overlooked.

From the very first track, “Up on the Housetop” from Bruce Ervin, it’s clear that this is not your standard gathering of intimate covers of classics. Tracks from QATS, Fetching Pails and Z really help reinforce that headspace. These songs span the funky, the dance-y, the gently pleasant and the buoyantly delightful.

Purchasing the compilation sends proceeds directly to the YEAH organization and helps fuel future rock camps which, in turn, fuels more kids making music that may eventually land on a future iteration of this very same comp. It’s a Christmas Ouroboros!