Hurts to Laugh – “Mister Nineteen Eighty More” (Official Video)

Over the years, Hurts to Laugh has slowly allowed themselves to transition from being an over-the-top heavy rock band to being a politically vocal, over-the-top heavy rock band. This transition seems to be officially complete with the release of “Mister Nineteen Eighty More,” an anthem for our political times if ever there was one.

The video sets singer and guitarist Cliff Cobain in front of projected images of combat footage, dictators and various world tragedies as he croons into the mic. Lyrically, the song doesn’t pull any punches. Cobain’s persona of the titular character is self-indulgent, disdainful of anyone who dares disagree and serves as a clear warning sign of the road ahead. Musically, it’s a big riff rock song that Hurts to Laugh has proven their aptitude with. While there aren’t too many surprises in that department, it’s great to see the band step out and speak so directly to the issues they see before them.

As luck would have it, this video debuted one day before the 45th President of the United States was impeached. What lies ahead for our country and for the divisions of our political parties is a giant question mark but maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign that Mister Nineteen Eighty More will suffer a setback in reaching the dystopian laid out here.

The track is available on Bandcamp and on limited edition 7″ starting Feb 2020.