R. Stevie Moore – Lets!

If we’re being honest, a new release from R. Stevie Moore is a very commonplace occurrence. It’s unclear if there’s any sort of official count on his discography but it certainly exceeds 400 albums at this point. It’s an onslaught to keep up with but, quite frankly, always manages to offer something worthwhile.

Let’s is the latest release from the deep well of Moore and the fourth official release for To-Go Records. Technically a compilation, these thirteen tracks are previously unreleased gems from various releases from the 70’s through the 90’s. The album was curated by Moore himself, so one must assume that despite their lack of release, they hold a special place even for him.

The signature R. Stevie Home Recording Style™ is ever present throughout the record but Moore’s pop brilliance cuts through on almost every track. “Advertising Agency of F King” is a personal fave and proves the notion that you don’t need fancy recording gear to capture a memorable, catchy and enjoyable song. There’s generally a touch of humor or tongue-and-cheek delivery within most of his oeuvre but tracks like “Think About Living With Me” crack through that veneer just a little and allow some proper emotion to seep through.

R. Stevie Moore is a fascinating creator. His output is staggering to the point of overwhelming but if you’re willing to put in the time for even one record, you’ll find yourself wanting more. With that in mind, let yourself put in the time with Let’s! and see where it takes you.