Wilby – translucent beauty

Short review extracted from our July 6th Open Tabs Rundown of recent releases.

Wilby caught our ear with a random single released in the fall of 2020 entitled “Bad” and followed up this Spring with a series of singles including “Mush,” “Joanna” and “Translucent Beauty” – all of which we unabashedly loved. There wasn’t much of a clear indication at the time if these songs were part of a larger release but it’s with great joy that we can share the release of the Translucent Beauty EP; which compiles all three of the aforementioned tracks and an EP only track for “Naive.”

These songs have a sweet melancholy that is hard to pin down – they’re self-deprecating, self-reflective but with a silver lining of optimism running throughout. They’re all carried wonderfully by Wilby’s vocal delivery and beautifully nuanced tracks that beg repeating. Safe to say, we’re big fans.

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