Dee $ouf – “Fried Rice” (Official Video)

Short review extracted from our July 6th Open Tabs Rundown of recent releases.

If you missed the Dee $ouf 2020 release The Jake Gittes EP or his numerous singles, you’ve got time to catch up before the release of his new tape Eagles Don’t Soar With Pigeons.

The first track from said forthcoming release, “Fried Rice,” was produced by Burm and sounds like it’s going to be the best release from $ouf yet. The beats elevate this track with throwback flourishes and dancey bass while $ouf’s lyrics ride the line between highly personal and cuttingly boastful. The title of the release is a nod to throwing down the gauntlet to $ouf’s skills and it sounds like he’s going to deliver on that promise, soaring like an eagle.

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