Waterfall Wash – “Colors” (Official Video)

The latest single, and accompanying video, from Waterfall Wash has a lot going for it. Let’s run down a proper checklist:

  • ✓ Relentless running from masked creatures presumably intent on killing
  • ✓ A drummer playing in a field of tall weeds
  • ✓ Realistic flop sweat and bandana
  • ✓ Impressive choreographed hiding inside of an abandoned structure
  • ✓ An emphatic and memorable sing-a-long chorus

The track is taken from an upcoming full-length from the band that I’ve had the pleasure of previewing and this track is just a hint at more enjoyable, quality, rock songs coming down the pipe. For now, head over to YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp or wherever you like to hear your music and enjoy.