Kyle Hamlett Uno – “Sense Apart”

Kyle Hamlett has been playing under the pseudonym Lylas for over a decade. In that time, there’s been a number of full-length albums, a rotating cast of players and an impressive growth in the style of songwriting. 2017’s Warm Harm is dark and tense without being inaccessible, a gem you may have overlooked.

Despite those accolades to Lylas, there’s always room for re-invention. For the Rabbits recently debuted a song from Kyle Hamlett Uno, the solo undertaking of the Lylas songwriter. “Sense Apart” is taken from the forthcoming full-length album Nowhere Far due March 29th and explores a lighter side of Hamlett. There’s a straightforward drum machine loop flourished with a rather interesting guitar tone, a little harmonica and an overall bouncy feel.

It’s too early to say what the entire record will hold but this first single is a promising indicator of something quite different from Lylas and, one assumes, every bit as captivating.