Full Mood – Full Mood

The debut EP from New to Nashville Full Mood is an immersive and haunting journey. The lead track “I Thought I Would Never Fit in My Own Body” sets the tone with light piano and programmed drums, enveloping the listener in a crescendo of vocals and a few touches of ominous tones.

From there, the album travels down a darker path, incorporating more foreboding elements the further in you go. “Rodeo” eschews the light piano and doubles down on the hard hitting reverb drums, followed by “Blood” that embraces a chaotic guitar outbreak; all layered by soaring vocals. “Knife” doubles down again with moments of complete cacophony before giving way to “Orange”, the shoegazing ender that drifts away.

The band may have had differing motivations when writing and recording the EP but as an outsider, it registers as a descent into a lost, hellish, place before emerging on the other side. It’s a record that’s easy to imagine seeing live being played top to bottom with a light show that pulls the listener in to the emotional journey.