Various Artists – Justin & Jeneisha Forever

Today is #BandcampFriday, a day in which our favorite music platform waives their revenue share fees and contributes 100% of profits directly to the artists. This not only serves as a way for the platform to give fully to creators but those recipients can, in turn, give the entirety of those funds to charitable and actionable undertakings.

The Justin & Jeneisha Forever compilation is a good example of that opportunity in action. JayVe Montgomery, Rainsticks,
Rodrigo Avendano, Kyle Hamlett Uno, Dream Chambers, Lou Turner, Styrofoam Winos and a host of new-to-me names flesh out the bill with new compositions, ambient soundscapes and spoken word. The entirety of proceeds are set to go to the NAACP Legal Fund.

The compilation was inspired by the Nashville Police Department issuing arrest warrants for Jeneisha Harris and Justin Jones… for felony aggravated rioting. Public outcry helped to rollback that warrant but many others are still in need of bail and representation. Compilations such as this one aren’t going to change the systemic issues of racism running through the veins of the country but they can contribute to awareness, funds for a good cause and solidarity amongst us all to keep fighting the good fight.