Kent Osborne – Underestimated

Released in early May, 2020, the latest from Kent Osborne is a double single for “Belly of the Beast” and “Obsolete” that manages to deliver an impressive combo of absolutely brutal and completely zoned out.

Both tracks are surprisingly short with their sub-2-minute runtime but that gives them the leverage to lean hard into their respective styles without wearing out the listener. “Belly of the Beast” continues the vibe of Osborne’s more recent singles with an outright screaming rap delivery cut with the occasional boasting flow and a distorted beat that feels like the world is crumbling around you. “Obsolete” explores the other side of that mania with a much gentler flow and twinkling soundscapes. It’s still ominous but compared to the lead track, it might as well be a ballad.

Musically, both tracks seem to subtle-y employ some 8-bit tactics. I can’t be completely sure but I’d wager that some sampling of the SNES / Genesis era is at play here. Or, at the very least, instrumentation derived from the same palette. It’s not chiptune by any stretch of the imagination but it helps push these tracks into another realm.

Rumor has it that a full-length from Osborne is in the works and if the latest tracks released in 2020 are any indication, it’s going to be an interesting one.