Country Westerns – “I’m Not Ready” (Official Video)

Without fail, every single time I read the band name “Country Westerns” I imagine a band that rides the line between Americana and all out Classic Rock. Every single time I actually hear Country Westerns I am reminded that they are decidedly not that and I really need to get my head straight. The latest single and video for “I’m Not Ready” – taken from the bands self-titled, forthcoming, Fat Possum released full-length – is an anthemic, sweaty, growling rock song with none of the hangups your presumptive brain may expect.

To describe it to your friends, the video is simply the band walking through the woods, arriving at a quarry and performing their song. Fortunately, the directoral decisions from Michael Graziano and DP Cody Duncum turn this into a piece that contemplates the energy of the song. The shots start calm and sweeping before focusing in on tight shots of the band tearing through the song. It is, in a word, captivating.

This track joins three others that have been released as a preview for the upcoming album and it’s a safe bet that if you’re into tense rock songs fueled by gravely vocals, this one should land in your heavy rotation. Look for it June 26, 2020.