Twen – “Holy River” (Official Video)

While details are still TBA on exactly when to expect their full-length debut with Frenchkiss Records, Twen have released the second single from said album in the form of this official video for “Holy River.” Directed by Casey Pierce, the video depicts the primary Twen members frolicking in the woods in full red garb (and I do mean full, face and body paint included) while some modern dance occurs nearby. It’s baffling but in that “I don’t know what I’m seeing but I like it” kind of way.

The song itself confirms that we can continue to expect some well-formed shoegaze pop from the aforementioned album. It’s languid and reverb-y but with a welcome sliver of optimism running throughout.

It’s unclear if special societal meaning should be drawn from the video; should we take special note of the use of cameraphone to record unique self-expression while we ourselves are uniquely expressing ourselves? Is it a call to arms that our lifeblood is most joyous and refueled by spending time in nature? A commentary on the futility of technology? Probably not but it’s an enjoyably odd viewing that I’ll certainly be back for more of.