Jonie – “Orpheus feat. Bantug” (Official Video)

The latest Jonie single for “Orpheus” (featuring Bantug) is a fine mixture of smooth, dance-y, a bit warbly and a dash of melancholy. While we openly admit to our ignorance of the Nashville Pop scene as a whole, this track is clear evidence that great things are happening.

For a track containing the refrain “Don’t worry about it, you were my favorite possibility, fall back on my own” you’d think there’d be a great deal of lamenting and self-inspection surrounding the track but the official video spices things up a bit by injecting a delightful bit of fun into the mix. Jonie himself finds his way through a dinosaur park, measuring and tabulating the creatures that he finds while, occasionally, hiding inside of an egg. It’s a none-too-subtle reminder that Summer is around the corner and much fun is to be had.

Let this serve as a reminder that Dinosaur World is a scant 90 minutes away and that you’ve got a full world of Jonie and Bantug to explore on the drive.