Charlie Abbott – “Ugly Little Sunflower” [Premiere]

Last we checked in on the works of Charlie Abbott, he had released an album entitled Nirvana that sounded, quite intentionally, like an ode to the grunge movement’s primary ringleader. Since that release in early 2018, Abbot released two additional records; mise en place, a collection of nine rock songs brimming with restraint and breezy hooks and the Technicolor Dream EP, four songs of feel good pop-rock and one high-energy blast of summertime vibes.

All that catch-up is to give some context that Abbott isn’t afraid to wear his influences on his sleeve but also isn’t lacking in embracing different styles. So, with the premiere of his brand new track “Ugly Little Sunflower” we get a taste of what he has in store for his forthcoming album of the same name set for release this summer.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this new track continues the trend of keeping things fresh, stylistically. The press release informs us that the recording was produced by Don Bates and that “Almost all of the tracking was single takes, even the vocals.” While that statement would generally sound cautious alarm bells, it gives the bombastic energy of the track a looseness that makes it fun, instead of the presumed train wreck it might be. The video is an equally enjoyable romp, depicting Abbot and a masked thief making their way through various East Nashville landmarks.

There’s no telling what the full Ugly Little Sunflower record has in store but there’s a promise of “baritone and seven-string guitars in a kamikaze approach to bastardize blues guitar” that sounds nothing short of perfectly intriguing.