The Mute Group – “Wuthering Heights” (Kate Bush)

In celebration of their video for “Brainplate in Eb” being viewed 3,000 times, The Mute Group recorded and posted a cover of the Kate Bush classic “Wuthering Heights” from her 1978 debut, The Kick Inside.

As far as covers go, they stick to the originally pretty faithfully while still making it their own. Zach Gresham’s voice doesn’t quite hit the strange timbre that Bush is known for but his own unique delivery is a nice reminder of the source. Amy Gill’s piano playing sets a lovely and delicate bed for the rather surprising and searing guitar solo that carries the song out. All and all, it’s hard to think of a more appropriate song for this band to cover.

It also serves as a nice promotional reminder that the band is playing The Basement on Saturday, May 18th with HR Lexy and Fable Cry. In a world where constant content output is necessary to keep your fans attention, The Mute Group have rather tasteful job of putting themselves out there.