Tristen – “Dream Within a Dream”

The latest release from Tristen is a 7″ on This Man Records featuring “Dream Within a Dream” with the flip track, “Red Lava.” It’s available now digitally, streaming or on actual vinyl. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves..

The song and video debuted on RS Country but has served as a concert closer for Tristen for some time. The lyrics are comprised entirely of the Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same name and it’s wild to read the original words in a quiet space and then juxtapose it against this fiery rendition. Tristen has never lacked in the ability to unleash a force of reckoning while embodying a strangely familiar character archetype but “Dream Within a Dream” exemplifies this ability in perfect form. It may be Poe’s words but Tristen’s performance brings it to life.

The b-side, “Red Lava”, is a much more subdued affair in comparison but most songs would be. It’s a calming, meditative, song that serves as a nice comedown from the lead.

It’s unclear if this single signals a larger album headed our way or not but, regardless, it’s an extremely welcome offering that should end up in your regular rotation.