Total Wife – A Blip

Back in July of 2021, Total Wife released their self-titled record; which we got around to reviewing somewhat recently. Today, June 29th, 2022, the band released the official full-length follow-up, A Blip. In our prior review we expressed hesitancy that maintaining their level of excellence seemed like an impossible challenge but I’m happy to report we were entirely wrong. A Blip is an absolute powerhouse.

Comprised of ten tracks across 45 minutes, A Blip builds on the shoegaze foundations the band has proven to be more than adept at and introduces a myriad of new elements and styles. The EDM style drums on “It’s Violet” swirl through a cascade of feedback. Interlude “Not” fires off a wall of knob-turning distortion before transitioning into the euphoric and melancholy guitar swells of “Here.” Closing track “Hello” pounds relentlessly through a cloud of ever-layering vocals before giving way to a heavenly hypnotic refrain dashed with just the right amount of backwards guitar.

If that all sounds overly flowery, I make no apologies. A Blip is a beautiful record that combines a giant wall of guitars with intricate flourishes and patterns, a perfect recipe for my taste. Fans of Broadcast, My Bloody Valentine, and Gish era Smashing Pumpkins will find themselves at home here but won’t be steeped in recycled tropes; just a Venn diagram of familiarity.

A Blip is anything but. It is not fleeting nor temporary. It is an immersive listen best experienced at the highest volumes.

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