The Minks – “Nothin’ No More” (Official Video)

The Minks are a self-described “psychedelic bloos band”; a label fully embraced on their recently released full-length album Light & Sweet. As part of the promotional cycle for the record, they’ve released a delightfully fun video for the track “Nothin’ No More.”

While the track itself could fit right in at a dingy locale performed by the bar band, the video is a bright, colorful and shiningly upbeat affair. The group appears in coordinated red and black outfits within a stage setup pulled directly from the halls of The Ed Sullivan show. The musicians play their hearts out for the camera; a knowing nod to the artifice of the performance. Put simply, they’re having fun with the camera and it shows (particularly that harmonica player).

The video opens with a cheeky show host comforting us that, “these are confusing times… but sometimes as we work through this confusion it’s important to take it nice and easy.” Front-woman Nikki Barber anchors the video with her vocal performance of a melancholy tale that belies the saccharine sweetness of her surroundings, remembering to take it nice and easy during her trying and confusing times.