The By Gods – “Black Wave”

Back in October, The By Gods released “Eureka“, the first new single since their 2017 full-length Move On. Fortunately, it seems that we didn’t have to wait long for more from the group as they’ve just released “Black Wave“, a triumphantly bombastic new track.

Based on the artwork color scheme and overall treatment, this new track certainly lives in the same family of songs as the previous (potentially leading to a full new album, tho details remain to be seen on that yet). Sonically, it’s much more upbeat and emphatic than the previous track; embracing the big riffs and onslaught of drums that they’ve treated us to in the past.

The By Gods always bring some slick production, big radio-friendly sounds and memorable hooks but they never leave the honesty behind. Putting out a big rock song like this can often feel a bit empty but there’s a real believability behind the vocals and lyrics. It’s possible the bands best secret weapon.